Lavender Digest (24/8/17)

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Hello Hitchin Lavender fans!

Welcome to the second to last week of our opening season.

Without any ado, let’s get on with the digest!

Next week (24/8/17-30/8/17) 

How will the lavender be looking? 

We are out of season in terms of the flowering period for the lavender. The main field looks at its purple best from mid July to mid August, so it really has gone past its best right now and for the next week.

With that in mind, we have been suggesting that anyone thinking of coming for the bank holiday weekend – particularly if you are coming from any great distance at all – then we suggest considering coming for next season.

If you are local and wanting to pick a bunch of lavender to be dried, then there is still a lot there for the taking.

And the sunflowers? 

They have been and gone, I’m afraid. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled on here next season to catch the lavender at its brilliant best!

Swing Night 


Tickets are still available for our end of season bonanza! This West End Rat Pack tribute act are not to be missed. Playing all the old favourites, make sure to book soon, as the tickets always sell out!


24th August – Toddler Tales (10.00-11.30 am)

26th August – Morning Meditation with John Harrigan (9.00-10.00 am)

30th August – Ickledrama for Toddlers (10.30-11.30 am)

That’s all for this week.

Make sure to come back next week for our final lavender digest of the year!

Thanks for reading.




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