Lavender Digest (21/06/18)

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Hello Hitchin Lavender fans!

This is another instalment of our Lavender Digest, where we update you on all things Hitchin Lavender. Please make sure to share this with anyone thinking of coming – as we want to make sure that everyone knows what to expect when coming to us.

We have had a great week. Wednesday night was movie night with Sundown Cinema, showing Bladerunner Final Cut. For more information on what films we have still available, please go to

We also had a lot of fun for the sell-out Rat Pack tribute act event and for the fashion shoot. Thanks so much to all of you who attended. You can stay updated with our events via or via our Facebook page Hitchin Lavender Events.

Without any further ado, here is the lavender round-up for next week:

Next week (15/6/18-21/6/18) 

How will the lavender be looking? 

We are in our picking season, so if you wanted to come grab a bag of beautiful fresh lavender, then now is the time to do it.

Taken 21/6/18

Having said that, we are still early in our season, so we are not quite at our peak season. We anticipate that the lavender will be coming into full flower in a couple of weeks’ time, so be sure to keep checking on here each week, for updates on the field.

And the sunflowers? 

The sunflowers are not yet in bloom. It is slightly too early to tell when they will be ready, but we are anticipating to have them in mid-July/August.


We currently have a full workshop schedule, from knitting, to printing, to lampshade making. Be sure to check on the following link for more information!

We are very much looking forward to our Fashion Show on Friday evening and our sold-out Definitive Rat Pack this Saturday.

Thanks for reading!

Make sure to share with anyone who was hoping to visit this weekend!


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