Weekly Pickings: 7th June

The first in our series of weekly updates on how the fields are looking and what’s going on!


To keep you all updated with how the lavender is looking throughout the summer, we have started a new weekly post that has all the important details if you are thinking about visiting us. Every Friday, look out for the next edition of Weekly Pickings so you know what’s happening at Hitchin Lavender!

This week, it’s only slim pickings as we await the full flowering of our lavender…

How is the lavender looking?

Mostly green but some purple patches are appearing

These earlier angustifolia lavenders on the left-hand side of the field are just starting to produce purple flowers. To ensure that they have time to develop, we are not allowing any flowers to be picked just yet but we don’t think it should be too long to wait now…

How are the wildflowers looking?

DSCF9766 copy
Poppies are popping up!

Our wildflower patch is now blooming very nicely and is coming out in a dazzling array of colour. You will also see splotches of red in places around the field where poppies are peeping out.

How are the sunflowers looking?

Some sunflower seedlings starting to sprout!

The sunflowers are only in their infancy at the moment but they’re coming along nicely so we’re looking forward to seeing them shoot up in a couple of months’ time.

This week’s news and views…

Some fantastic workshops have started at the farm this week including our all-new Beekeeping Experiences, Outdoor Pilates sessions and an Introduction to Sewing Machines as well as many more. Keep up to date with our events calendar on Facebook!

On Saturday 8th, we will be hosting our annual barn dance and hog roast, Pig, Swig and Jig! We’re looking forward to welcoming many of you to the event for fantastic food and good times all round. If you missed out on tickets for this year’s barn, don’t worry too much as the longest you’ll have to wait is until 2020!

Pig Swig Jig Blog Header

2 comments on “Weekly Pickings: 7th June”

    1. Hi Toby, I think 27th July may still be a little early for sunflowers. Their flowering period is hard to predict due to the weather and other extraneous factors but late July is early compared to their blooming time in previous years. We’d recommend coming at the beginning of August at the earliest for sunflowers 🙂


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