Weekly Pickings: 2nd August

The latest update on how everything is looking at Hitchin Lavender!

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July has flown by and we’re already in August! We’ve loved welcoming so many visitors to the farm already and we’re hoping to see lots more before the season’s up!

Now is the time folks, so let’s get into the update!

How is the lavender looking?

The lavender is still in its peak and looks really good in the main body of the field.

The angustifolias in the first seven rows have faded considerably now but that’s to be expected given their flowering period is mid-June to mid-July!

As the month goes on, the lavender will begin to fade steadily. Our best advice for visiting is to check out the right hand side of the field which tends to be off the beaten path and has fresher lavender! The photos above show what delights are available for just a few more steps!

How are the wildflowers looking?

Pretty much completely gone over now unfortunately. There’s a few cornflowers dotted about the patch but the vast majority of the flowers have now dried up!

The best time to see them is around the beginning of June to the start of July, so aim a visit for that time next year if you want to catch them!

How are the sunflowers Looking?


As we said last week, there’s no sunflowers to see at the moment and there probably won’t be many to see at all this year. Due to the hot, dry weather we have had recently and crows pestering the crop earlier in the year, we’re not expecting a full display of sunflowers on the field.

Those that are going to flower will probably do so around the beginning of September so keep an eye on the blog around that time for more accurate updates!

This week’s news and views…

Not too much to update you on other than the field this week, so do just enjoy the lovely pictures! See you soon!

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