Weekly Pickings: 31st August

The last episode of Weekly Pickings in 2019. Take a final peek at how things are looking on the farm!

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Welcome to the final episode of Weekly Pickings for 2019!

As the summer season at Hitchin Lavender is over now, this series of posts has reached its conclusion. Thank you for following our summer journey this year; we hope the blog has helped you to stay in touch with how things are looking at the farm. For updates on the sunflowers, which are still yet to appear, follow our regular Wednesday post instead, where a small section will be devoted to updates in case any changes occur!

Don’t forget that our opening hours are changing next week for the off-season! You can find the updated hours at the bottom of this post.

So, for the last time this year…

How is the lavender looking?

Unfortunately, we do not have any new photos for you this week but rest assured that there would be nothing new to show you anyway. The lavender is now completely faded and is very grey. We have harvested the majority of the field, which we will soon be finishing.

The lavender begins to flower around mid-June, so watch this space at that time next year to catch the beginning of our 2020 season!

How are the sunflowers looking?

Sunflower Patch - 22-08-19

There are still no sunflowers to be seen in the main field.

Again, we do not have a new photo for you, but there has been no development from last week. There is still only greenery at present with only a few sunflower stalks growing. We’ll take a view in the coming week to see how many are likely to flower.

How are the wildflowers looking?

A long time has passed since the wildflowers were in bloom. To see them in full flower next year, keep an eye on our social media and blog from the month of May onwards, because they come out earlier than the lavender does!

This week’s news and views…

Here’s another little reminder about our opening hours from next week!

New Opening Hours_2

For the beginning of the off-season, we will be closed on the first two days of the week. The tearoom, museum and gift shop will remain open the rest of the week, so you can still come and enjoy those features of the Hitchin Lavender experience!

We will also be resuming bookings for afternoon tea from 4th September onwards, so get in touch if you are interested!

We also welcomed a range of harvesters back to the farm this week, to take in Cadwell’s wheat as we continue to pull in our lavender crop:

Thank you for following and we’ll see you on our weekly update next year!

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