Some Useful Information on When to Visit…

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Hello lavender fans!

Apologies for the two week absence in the blog. With the weather getting hotter and the lavender getting more purple, we have been super busy and haven’t been able to find time to give you more information about our favourite purple plant.

Speaking of being busy, we have an announcement regarding this blog and how it will be used.

Starting this week, every Thursday we will be posting a newsletter, of sorts, updating you on how the lavender and the sunflowers are looking, as well as having a forecast on how busy we think we will be over that week, to help you find a time to visit that suits you.

We will also be telling you of the different events that are coming up – workshops, cinema events, gigs etc. –  on the farm and giving a review of the week just gone.

We hope this will help maximise your enjoyment of the farm.

Next Monday we shall start again on giving you information about the lavender as well!

Until Thursday!


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