Lavender Digest (20/7/17)

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Hello Lavender Fans!

Thank you so much for clicking the link for this our 4th Lavender Digest!

We have had some complaints about our wheelchair access around the farm. Year on year we try our hardest to improve the experience for everyone, but we recognise that we still have a way to go in some areas.

There is access to every part of our farm, however it is a working farm and our surfaces do get uneven in places. Furthermore all the parking is on grassy areas, which we know is definitely not ideal for wheelchair users, so if you are thinking of coming and have special requirements, please let the parking attendants know and they’ll try to assist you as best they can.

If you have any concerns, or want anything clarifying, please don’t hesitate contacting and I will endeavour to help you.

On with the digest…

Next week… (21/7/2017 – 26/7/2017)

How will the Lavender be looking? 

Taken 18th July

We are in full bloom right now! Though we have had some rain in places, meaning the earlier lavender has started to turn, the main body of the field is looking absolutely glorious!


Yes! The sunflowers have really crept up on us this year. Everything is happening a little earlier and we are beginning to have a few flowers come into bloom right now. Because of this, we are allowing you to pick them for 50p a stem!

How busy will it be this weekend? 

The forecast – currently – looks as though it may rain for over the weekend, meaning that it could be quieter, but this may well change. As I’ve mentioned in previous editions, if we are sunny expect it to be busy.

And in the week? 

We have around one more week before the schools break up for summer, as soon as they do we get incredibly busy in the week and on weekends. If you were hoping to come for a quieter visit, then this may be the best week for it.

What’s on? 


21st July – Outdoor Beer Yoga (19.30-20.30)

22nd July  – Morning Meditation (9.00-10.00)

23rd July – Photography Workshop (10.00-12.30)

26th July – Photography Workshop (10-12.30)

27th July Toddler Tales (10.00-11.00, 11.00-12.00)

– Paper Cutting with Vanessa Stone (19.00-21.30)

For more information go to our events tab on our Facebook. Our news tab on our site will be updated tomorrow! So keep your eyes peeled on there for info on how to book a place for any of these fab workshops!

See you next week!



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