Lavender Digest (27/07/17)

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Hello Lavender Fans!

Welcome to the 5th instalment of our weekly Lavender Digest.

This week, the weather has not been on our side. With all the rainfall we have had, our car parks have started to really churn up. Fingers crossed for more sunny weather to dry it all up, but please, if you are thinking of visiting this week and it has been raining, be warned that it is a bit slippy in places. Bring suitable footwear!

Next week… (27/7/2017 – 2/8/2017)

How will the Lavender be looking? 

We are in full bloom right now!

The earlier lavender is starting to turn, unfortunately. Their bloom period is between mid June – mid July, however the main body of the field is looking absolutely stunning! Make sure to come soon to catch the lavender at its best.


Taken 27/7/17

Yes! They are looking absolutely fab right now and we’ll expect them for at least another week. 50p a stem to pick them!

How busy will it be this weekend? 

Saturday looks like it will be relatively sunny, so we will be busy. Sunday doesn’t look as good, so come on the Saturday to get the lavender bathing in sunshine!

And in the week? 

The schools have now broken up, as you may be aware. If it is a sunny day, expect us to be very busy.

What’s on? 


27th July – Paper Cutting with Vanessa Stone (19.00-21.30)

28th July  – Ceramics with Beth Fairchild (10.30 -12.30)

2nd August – Ickledrama for Toddlers (10.30-11.30)

For more information go to our events tab on our Facebook or go to

See you next week!



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