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Hello Hitchin Lavender fans!

Welcome back to our Lavender Digest posts – we hope you all had great winters. This is a weekly newsletter to update you on all things Hitchin Lavender, particularly how the fields of lavender and sunflowers will be looking.

We are ready and raring to go for our opening day tomorrow (26th May); we are all really looking forward to having you visit us throughout the summer.

Before you come, please have a read of this to inform your visit.

Next week (26/5/18-1/6/18) 

How will the lavender be looking? 

Although we will be opening tomorrow – from 10 until 5 in the evening – the lavender will not be in bloom. Our flowering starts in mid-June, when the early lavenders –  which accounts for about a third of the field – will start to flower. The main body of the field will be coming into bloom in mid-July.

As there is no lavender in the field, picking will not commence until the flowers have come up.

Early Season Shot
Taken 22/5/18

And the sunflowers? 

Similarly, the sunflowers are not yet in bloom. It is slightly too early to tell when they will be ready, but we are anticipating to have them in mid-July/August.

What’s new?

A lot has changed on the farm and we have been working hard all winter to make everyone’s visits as enjoyable as we possibly can.

New this season!

Brand new to this season – construction was finished on this this week, in fact – is our new child’s play area! So although we will not have lavender to come enjoy just yet, we will have our café up and running and the opportunity for the little ones to come have a go on our new play equipment!

Thanks for reading!

Make sure to share with anyone who was hoping to come this bank holiday weekend!



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