Lavender Digest (31/05/18)

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Hello Hitchin Lavender fans!

This is another instalment of our Lavender Digest, where we update you on all things lavender. Our opening weekend was a roaring success, with our new product lines, new cakes and new styles of tea all going down a treat.

Although we still don’t have much lavender to speak of yet, we still have an awful lot of new bits and bobs to spoil yourself with.

Here is a rundown of the lavender for this coming week!

Next week (2/6/18-7/6/18) 

How will the lavender be looking? 

As with last week, we are still to early in our season for the lavender. In light of this, we are not charging entrance at the moment (and therefore not allowing picking in the fields.)


We do have one or two wildflowers dotted around the farm and the views over Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire are still there. So, if you did want to come for a cream tea and to have a little wander in nature, then you would be absolutely welcome!

And the sunflowers? 

Similarly, the sunflowers are not yet in bloom. It is slightly too early to tell when they will be ready, but we are anticipating to have them in mid-July/August.

What’s new?

Our brand new play area has been a hit with the kids and with lots of picnic benches surrounding the fort, the children can run around whilst the parents enjoy a brew (or something stronger!) It’s a win-win!


We also have stacks of new plants ready to purchase in our new plant area. They are all looking lush at the moment and might be the perfect addition to your garden!


We currently have a full workshop schedule, from knitting, to printing, to yoga for kids. Make sure to check on the following links for more information!

Thanks for reading!

Make sure to share with anyone who was hoping to this weekend!


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