Lavender Digest (16/8/18)

Lavender Digest: Hitchin Lavender’s Weekly Newsletter.

Beginning of the end of our season.

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Hello Hitchin Lavender fans!

This is a reminder to everyone that we are at the end of our season as we were last week.

We are recommending to anyone thinking of coming this season, especially if they are coming from any distance whatsoever, to consider leaving it until next year.

Two thirds of the field had already faded considerably with the rains a few weeks back. Though there is still a third of the field looking ok, the rains we are experiencing at the moment will have a negative effect on how the field will be looking.

And the sunflowers? 

As mentioned in last week’s entry, the fields have a very brief window, therefore they have completely faded, I’m afraid.

We do have a well-stocked café, with lots of tasty treats available, so if you are looking for a different space to relax, then you could do worse than coming to our beautiful barn for some bevs.

As ever, do make sure to check on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, as we will update with pictures. You can always contact us directly, just so you can plan your trip.

Thanks for reading!