Lavender Digest (23/8/18)

Lavender Digest: Hitchin Lavender’s Weekly Newsletter.

An end of the season update. For the 2019 season, we update every Thursday, so make sure to tune in next year!

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Hi there! Welcome to our latest installment of the Lavender Digest. Here you can find updates on how the field is looking, opening hours and any special events. Plus, for this week only, we are having our Annual Hitchin Lavender Photo Sharing! See the end of the post for more info!

As mentioned in the last two digests, we are right at the end of our season. About two thirds of the field has been harvested, leaving about a third, which is fading fast. Similarly, the sunflowers have been and gone. We recommend if you are coming from any distance whatsoever, to consider coming next year.

If you are local and hoping to do something a little different for this bank holiday, we do have our cafe barn open normal hours (10-5.)

On Friday we are reintroducing our late-night opening, which is the penultimate for the season. So make sure to come on down, if you fancy somewhere a little different to enjoy your Friday night.

We are now no longer open late on Tuesdays.

Photo Sharing

We thought it would be a great time for you to relive some of your highlights of Hitchin Lavender this year. So send over your best shot of the field to us, for us to display in next week’s post!

It isn’t a competition and there won’t be any winners, just a celebration of all of your photography skills! All we ask, is that that you have the permission of any person who may be featured in the image.

Send them to by Wednesday 29th August to see your picture on our blog!

(Any sent after that date, won’t be considered. (We have to call it at some point!))

That’s all for this week! Look forward to seeing your shots!