Our Top Lavender Pictures

Take a look at our best pictures and send us your own!

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One of the best things about Hitchin Lavender is seeing the beautiful photos our visitors take every year. With fresh sets of eyes, you often find spectacular compositions that we’ve missed, even though we’ve probably spent a lot longer looking at the field.

This week, we want to let the pictures speak for themselves. Some of the photos in the gallery below have been taken by us, some by you, but they all revel in the joy that our landscape inspires. We’re very lucky that we can enjoy our field in our day to day work, and we want to share that enjoyment with you too.

From Way Back When to Last Week!

We’d love to display some of your photos from the farm in a future blog post! Send us some of your own via email to hitchinlavender@gmail.com or drop us a message on Facebook!

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