Your Top Lavender Pictures

Have a look at some of the photos you sent us over the last week!

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Over the last week, we’ve had a fantastic time looking through all the photos you sent us (there were quite a few!). Not a single one failed to make us smile. The main reason for us to put in the extra effort while getting ready for the summer is because of the photos and memories you’ve shared with us. If we can keep helping you make those, we think we’ve done our job.

So a huge thank you to everyone who shared their pictures with us and a particular shout out to Holly Savage Deskin, whose wonderful picture is our featured image on this post! Unfortunately, we can’t share everyone’s photos here because there were simply too many to put in one post. We do recommend having a look through the comments on our Facebook post last week, where you can find a whole range of lovely pictures.

Some of our favourites from you…

If you weren’t expecting to feature in this blog post and aren’t comfortable with your picture being shared here, please do let us know and we will remove it immediately. Thank you once again for enjoying Hitchin Lavender with us, we can’t wait to see all the memories that are made this summer!

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