Weekly Pickings: 14th June

Find out about how everything’s looking at Hitchin Lavender this week!


This week’s update brings exciting news as we will be allowing our visitors to pick the lavender from this Saturday (15th) onwards!

If you are visiting us to pick the lavender this summer, we are requesting that you bring your own scissors! We do have scissors that you can borrow at the entrance to the main field but you can help us to reduce our impact on the environment by bringing your own. Every year, we lose far too many pairs of scissors and we want to halt the amount of discarded plastic and metal that enters our landscape.

Let’s go green so that we can keep enjoying the purple!

How is the lavender looking?

Our angustifolia varieties are really starting to come out in purple buds now. The varieties pictured above are all folgate, which are looking lovely despite the wet weather that we’ve had this week!

With the field beginning to come into some lovely purple hues, we will be allowing visitors to pick the lavender from Saturday 15th June! Bear in mind that the whole field is not yet in flower, but our early flowering varieties are developed enough for us to start the picking season!

For information on opening times and entrance fees, see our main website!

How are the wildflowers looking?

Wildflowers - 12-06-19
Colour aplenty in the wildflower patch!

The wildflowers are looking wonderful at the moment, with poppies, daisies and many more flowers bringing a dazzling array of colour to the patch! If you want to see wildflowers, now is the time to come!

How are the sunflowers looking?

Grow little sunflowers, grow!

We are still a little way off from the sunflowers yet, but the our little seedlings are starting to come out.

Many of you will be seeing similar progress from the sunflower kits you collected during National Children’s Gardening Week and we look forward to comparing heights in August!

This week’s news and views…

Aside from the news about lavender picking, don’t forget about the wonderful hot lunches that we are serving in our café! We are open every day of the week this summer, so there’s plenty of time to come and have a tasty treat!

Burgers at Hitchin Lavender
Our pulled jackfruit, chargrilled vegetable, and pulled pork burgers!

2 comments on “Weekly Pickings: 14th June”

  1. Thank you for the weekly updates! I look forward to visiting your fields with my friends 6-8th July. I hope, fields will be in rich bloom.


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