We’re digging National Children’s Gardening Week

Encouraging children and families to get their fingers dirty during National Children’s Gardening Week


National Children’s Gardening Week is an annual event which aims to get as many schools, children and their families involved and having fun in their gardens. Originally the brainchild of Neil Grant, resident garden expert for BBC Radio Sheffield and Managing Director of Ferndale Garden Centre near Sheffield, it’s an initiative that is widely supported by the gardening industry throughout the UK.

IMG_0594The organisers of National Children’s Gardening Week have observed that generally speaking “children love growing plants” and “love being in the garden”. They aim to capitalise on this enthusiasm by picking a “warm” week in the spring calendar to coerce children out of their indoor shells and into the great outdoors.

Championing this initiative for a second year is celebrity ambassador Chris Collins, a former Blue Peter gardener and star of BBC 2’s The Plantsman (to name just a few credits).  He shares the view that actually children have an innate love of nature and take huge pleasure from being part of it.  Explaining why NCGW is close to his heart, Chris says, “Gardening is such a natural activity for a child to take part in, [and it] speaks volumes that in the 12 odd years I’ve been going into schools to teach gardening, literally thousands of them, not one child has objected to being involved. It makes me believe that deep down we are all gardeners at heart.”


We very much support the idea of encouraging children to become more familiar with their natural environment and as NCGW coincides with our opening week, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get behind this campaign.

20140807_080544 (2) (1)To help inspire children to get their fingers dirty, we’d like to invite them to come along over half-term to collect a free sunflower kit so they can get involved in a little gardening project to take home. We’ll also be encouraging them to join in our competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower this season! We have a fantastic prize on offer for the winner.

We’re open every day over half-term and will have sunflower kits available to collect at any time.* If you’d like your little flower to graduate from playing in the garden to planting in the garden,  please pop in and see us!


If you are visiting us on the week commencing Monday 27th May…

We look forward to seeing you next week! Remember that there will not be any lavender flowers until mid-June so there will be no charge to enter our main field!

Our tearoom, museum and wildflower patch will be in full swing for you to enjoy in the meantime and we also have some very exciting events coming up!

Don’t forget about ABBA Revival on Saturday 1st June, the last few tickets are still available at the time of writing this post!

We will also be welcoming a collection of wonderful vehicles for the second outing of Ickledub, the classic car meet in front of the lavender rows. Come along for a festival atmosphere, street food, live music and lots more fun in a beautiful environment!

For further information about visiting Hitchin Lavender please see www.hitchinlavender.com.


*subject to availability

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