Bringing a Bit of Sparkle to the Farm

Shaping beautiful and unique jewellery with local silver clay artist, Tuuli Parker

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DSCF9699Multi-talented Tuuli Parker is a locally based artist, photographer, teacher and aspiring ceramicist. She’s also the host of our silver clay workshops and we’re delighted that she’s been able to find the time to bring this popular class back to the farm for a second season.

Tuuli’s career has predominantly centred around her work as a professional photographer but she realised that she missed working with her hands, as jewellery making has always been a part of her life. In her formative years she created hand drawn card badges with safety pins stuck on with sellotape before progressing to fimo bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings throughout her time in college, and graduating later to work with beaded jewellery and Murano glass. She discovered silver clay about nine years ago and has been teaching it for the last seven.

For those not already familiar with what a silver clay workshop might entail but are intrigued to learn a little more, here’s Tuuli to give us an outline of what’s involved.

What is a silver clay workshop?

20190406_200950Silver Clay is made up of very fine pure silver particles, an organic binder and water resulting in a material similar to modelling clay. When heated to a high temperature, the binder burns away and silver particles fuse together to form a solid piece of silver which can then be worked in the same way as traditional silver. During the workshop students are shown how to roll, impress, cut, fire, and finish their own precious metal jewellery, supported with hints and tips for successful jewellery making.

Do you work with other types of material?

No (there isn’t enough time!)

Where do you derive inspiration from?

Bees Love the LavenderAs an artist, I am inspired by nature, in particular plants, flowers and the seaside. My work focusses on the minute and intricate detail found in these subjects that often doesn’t get seen unless you take the time to look more closely at the landscape around you. I like the natural deadlines that nature provides with the changing seasons – especially when it comes to making moulds to impress into the silver clay, and you will see this present in my work.

What will people be creating at your workshops here?

Participants will be given 7 grams of silver clay which is enough to make at least one pendant, more often than not people make much more than this depending on the size and thickness that they choose to work too. All jewellery can be worn home at the end of the session!

What impact does hosting your class in the cabin have on your sessions?

The cabin is a wonderful space to host my workshops as it overlooks the very fields that my lavender moulds were picked from! I make a lot of my own nature moulds and the majority of them are available for people to use to make their own unique pieces of jewellery with. The space is light and airy and with my group sizes set to a maximum of 6 people, I feel that everyone has the space, time and support that they need to be successful in their making.

If you’d like to find out more or book a place with Tuuli, please see bookwhen booking site or our events page for further information.



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