Weekly Pickings: 28th June

Another week, another update! Check out how the farm is looking!

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Two weeks into the lavender flowering season and everything is starting to look very nice indeed! As we’re a little way before the school summer holidays, we are not too busy at the moment so now would be a great time to visit to avoid the busier period between mid-July and mid-August!

The weather forecast for this weekend promises very hot temperatures on Saturday and sunny intervals on Sunday. If you are intending to visit us on either day, do take precautions against the hot weather with suncream and protective clothing. We have shady areas up on the field and by our café, but there is no shelter out in the lavender rows themselves!

How is the lavender looking?

The angustifolias are looking incredibly rich at the moment as they approach their flowering season (they are still in the budding stage at the moment!). On the left and right-hand sides of the field, the rows are looking beautiful as you can see above. There are approximately 20-25 rows looking like this at the moment!

The main body of the field is made up of the intermedia variety, Grosso, and that is not quite turning purple yet. At the moment, it is a greyish-lilac colour, but expect that to develop into a startlingly bright purple over the next few weeks!

How are the wildflowers looking?

The wildflowers are still in full bloom at the moment but they are at, and will shortly go past, their peak so if you want to see them, now really is the time to come. There is a magnificent array of poppies on the far right-hand side of the field, which looks truly fantastic at the moment.

Over the next few weeks, we expect the wildflowers to start to fade so we’d recommend coming soon if you want to see them!

How are the sunflowers looking?

Sunflowers - 27-06-19

Lots of green in the sunflower patch as our seedlings start to head upwards. In August, they should be about ten times as tall, but there won’t be any in flower until then!

This week’s news and views…

Display Field - 27-06-19

The display field is starting to look amazing as the differences in colour become more and more pronounced. The main three colours you can see here come from our Princess Blue, Hidcote Pink and Twickel Purple varieties!

Otherwise, there’s not much to add. See you soon, lavender lovers!

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