Weekly Pickings: 5th July

An update! An update! See how everything is looking at Hitchin Lavender this week!

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We are loving the hot weather and the lavender is too! With beautiful blue skies against the lucious purple of the lavender beneath, we’ve been really enjoying our work and we hope you have enjoyed visiting us!

If you haven’t already, don’t fret! Some might say the best is yet to come…

How is the lavender looking?

The rain we had a few weeks ago delayed the flowering period of the lavender slightly, so we are probably one or two weeks away from full bloom!

Our angustifolias, which flower earlier than the majority of the field, are in full bloom right now, so if you want to see them, it’s definitely the best time to come at the moment!

How are the wildflowers looking?

The wildflowers are still looking nice but, in the heat, they are certainly starting to fade and will not last many more weeks. Expect to see signs of wilting petals and stems, amongst the bright colours that are still there!

How are the sunflowers looking?

To spare you another picture of the sunflower patch, we’ll just let you know that they still aren’t in flower yet. On the bright side, we’re now only a month away until August, when we expect them to be in bloom!

This week’s news and views…

In other news, we’re very proud to be featuring on the latest issue of Inside Hitchin magazine! Steve Biggs’s wonderful picture, taken on one of our late evenings last year, makes for a fantastic cover photo (or at least we think so)!


You can check out the full issue here!

If you needed any more encouragement to come to one of our late evenings, remember that we serve our evening menu, with cheese and farmhouse platters, then too! Every Tuesday and Friday, 5pm-9pm, with the field open until 10pm! See you then folks!

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