Strike a Pose with Yoga Teacher Aminta Gagnon

Making yoga part of our weekly ritual at Hitchin Lavender

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Locally based yoga instructor, Aminta teaches classes throughout Letchworth, Baldock and Hitchin and we’re thrilled that she’s been able to stretch her timetable to include some outdoor sessions here at Hitchin Lavender this summer.


In between practising her sun salutations and helping the uninitiated to decipher their chakra from their chaturanga, she also works as a Senior CRM & Digital Marketing Executive where she spends her time managing various commissions such as the social media for the British Touring Car Champions, numerous web development projects and her own yoga clothing company, Wedoyoga.

Whether you’re already a devotee or perhaps a novice not yet acquainted with yoga and its accompanying terminology, here’s Aminta to give us a brief introduction to her interpretation of this ancient discipline and to explain why you may like to meet her at the mats!

What first drew you towards Yoga?

I first came to the mat, like a lot of people, because of an injury. Prior to beginning yoga, a passion of mine was, and still is running. I have always loved running since my early teenage years and have competed in various races such as: 10ks, tough mudders, half marathons, 3 marathons, the 3 peak challenge in Yorkshire and a half marathon up Mount Snowdon. A few years ago, I injured my knee during a race and was advised to start yoga for increased flexibility and strength improvement. My yoga practice has not only helped me continue my passion for running injury free, it has also helped me to grow more flexible, stronger and fearless, both on and off the mat.

How would you sell it to someone who hasn’t been before? Can anyone have a go?

image 7Yoga is the perfect opportunity to learn more about yourself and your body. My classes aim to provide greater mobility rather than flexibility. Each week I create a new sequence with a particular theme in the body. We work through muscles in that area, whilst also focusing on our emotional experience.  Be prepared to be kept on your toes as you explore mobility, strength and flexibility! I offer variations to each pose in every sequence, so anyone can come along and give it a go!

You sometimes offer people a beer with their Yoga mat? How does that work?!

image 6Beer yoga is the ultimate feel good Friday class! Beer yoga combines centuries-old therapies for the mind, body and soul. Throughout the hour we will learn different yoga poses that involve drinking beer while practicing. Whether it’s trying to balance bottles on our head or simply taking a few sips through our sun salutations, you will leave feeling full of energy! This class is ideal for anyone who is interested in exploring yoga in a non-intimidating environment and in a fun and chilled social setting.

What else can people expect from one of your classes here?

If you decide to join me on the mats at Hitchin Lavender, you’re going to have a great time, as we like to laugh and have fun in our practice! Especially in the Friday themed classes!

What difference does it make to your classes by hosting them outside at Hitchin Lavender?

Being outside allows our yoga practice to blossom! During the classes we draw inspiration and oxygen from the beautiful Hitchin Lavender fields as we explore a dynamic flowing style of yoga, which enables us to harmonise our breath and movement to give strength, grace and freedom. Plus the ground makes it a little more challenging in our balance poses! As all the classes are in the evening, we’re  able to enjoy a beautiful sunset that isn’t available inside a room!

If you’d like get in touch with Aminta or book a place at one of her sessions, please visit our events page or Aminta’s website.

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