Weekly Pickings: 19th July

Full bloom is looking fantastic! The latest update on how things are looking at Hitchin Lavender!

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As we head into the weekend, the lavender is looking very lovely indeed!

The next few weeks tend to be the very busiest of our season and we’re looking forward to welcoming many of you to the farm! We’ve done a lot of work over the winter to introduce more facilities to the farm so that queues shouldn’t get too long in any one place but we ask that you bear with us as our visitor number climb well into the thousands.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the update!

How is the lavender looking?

The main body of the lavender flowers is now in its absolute peak and will look at their very best for the next couple of weeks! As many of you visit us and pick lavender to take away with you, they will begin to fade beyond that point.

You can already see that effect happening on the angustifolias, pictured on the right above. With the flower heads disappearing rapidly, they start to look more green.

Fear not, the lavender won’t all turn green immediately, but following the field rules helps preserve the colour for everybody to enjoy! There is a list to read on a blackboard as you enter the field so keep your eyes peeled!

How are the wildflowers looking?

Many of the most vibrant wildflowers have faded now, but there are are still some to see in the wildflower patch, including a lovely display of the yellow Lady’s Bedstraw!

We’re sorry if you missed out on the best of the wildflowers, but be sure to check in next year to see their vibrant colours!

How are the sunflowers looking?

No sunflowers out just yet, but we do have pictures this week to show you how the seedlings are looking. We had a slight crow problem earlier in the year, which we think damaged the initial crop that had been sown. Another batch of seeds was inserted, which you can see growing here but there is probably going to be a later flowering this year!

We are now estimating late August for the sunflowers but it is difficult to tell. The best place to stay in the know is right here on the blog, so stay tuned folks!

This week’s news and views…

The display field is looking absolutely fabulous right now, so do give that a peep if you are visiting!

Unfortunately we are expecting rain showers at Hitchin Lavender on Saturday, so be sure to bring wet weather gear if you are visiting us! Sunday looks like it will be a lot nicer, with sunny intervals and a gentle breeze forecast. However, don’t forget that we’ve got a lovely warm tearoom at the farm, which is comfy and cosy in all weathers so there’s a nice place to be even in the rain!

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