Weekly Pickings: 9th August

Harvesting has begun! Stay up to date with how everything’s looking right here!

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The close of the lavender flowering season at the farm is now in sight and so we have begun harvesting!

We’ll talk a little bit more about that at the end of the update, but for now let’s catch up on how everything is doing…

How is the lavender looking?

The majority of the field is now just past its peak. There is still lavender to see and pick but the colour is not at its most vibrant anymore. Over the next couple of weeks, the colour will fade to more grey than purple.

The first seven rows of the field are completely faded as their flowering season ended a couple of weeks ago, so you will see quite a lot of green as you enter the field from the left-hand side.

As we said last week, the best place to see less-picked lavender is on the right-hand side of the field, where fewer of our visitors tend to venture.

How are the sunflowers looking?

Still no sunflowers to see yet!

We’re unsure as to just how many will be in flower this year due to the dry weather and other factors but we’ll keep you up to date right here. If you have friends and family that want to see the sunflowers this year, do send them to the blog to stay up to date as we don’t anyone to be disappointed when they arrive!

How are the wildflowers looking?

The wildflowers are now completely faded as we expect come this time of year.

We look forward to their lovely colours again at the start of next year’s season!

This week’s news and views…

At this time every year, the tractor with harvester in tow rolls back out into the field to begin collecting this year’s crop. It’s ripe for picking right now, with most of the lavender heads in flower and their oil waiting to be collected.

This does not mean that the lavender will all be gone immediately as the harvesting is a steady process and takes us a good 2-3 weeks. If you come by in the coming weeks, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our harvester to get your own experience of how lavender farming works!

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