Behind the Scenes at Hitchin Lavender

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This week we’re feeling experimental and have decided to venture into the world of podcasting to create our very first blogcast!

Although the lavender flowering season is over now, the farm is still very much open for visitors and there’ll continue to be a number of staff who’ll be working with us year round.

One such integral cog to the Hitchin Lavender wheel (tractor shaped of course) has been our admin manager, John Benjamin Chennells. Affectionately known to be one of our lavender legends after being with us for several years, John is ideally placed to share a little of what happens behind the scenes from an insider’s perspective. We managed to schedule an appointment to talk shop with him before he departs to further his education (at university) so we could let you hear his view on life at the farm.

We’d usually invite you to read on at this point but this time we’d urge you to listen in to our enlightening chat with John.

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