Lavender Digest (26/7/18)

This is another instalment of our Lavender Digest, where we update you on all things Hitchin Lavender.

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Hello Hitchin Lavender fans!

Apologies for not updating last week, had a technical error.

This is another instalment of our Lavender Digest, where we update you on all things Hitchin Lavender. Please make sure to share this with anyone thinking of coming – as we want to make sure that everyone knows what to expect when coming to us.

We are now in full flower!

Though we do have a quantity of scissors, we would highly recommend bringing your own. This weekend we anticipate to be at our absolute busiest, so, as we have had to in the past, we may be limiting scissors to one pair per group.

We are going to be busy this weekend, so do expect queuing.

Let’s begin the Hitchin Lavender Digest for a fuller rundown of what’s been going on at the farm.

Next week (26/7/18-2/8/18) 

Image may contain: sky, cloud, grass, nature and outdoor

Taken 20/7/18

How will the lavender be looking? 

We are now in peak bloom.

Our early lavender, which came into bloom mid/early June, is starting to look slightly past its absolute peak. The main body, however, with all of this beautiful sunny weather, is still looking terrific and will do for the next few weeks.

If you wanted to get the full effect, now is definitely a great time to come, but be sure to check on here or via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter before coming to avoid disappointment, if you are looking to come in a few weeks time.

And the sunflowers? 

We have been taken a little aback by how quickly the sunflowers are flowering.

They are now in bloom. 

To avoid the crowds, we would highly recommend coming on a weekday, perhaps even on a Tuesday or Friday late night.


That’s it for this week. As ever make sure to check out our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, for more updates throughout the week.

Tune in next week for more information on Hitchin Lavender!

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