Weekly Pickings: 16th August

We’re past the peak of our season now, stay up to date on how everything’s looking here!

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The end of the lavender flowering season is now upon us.

Lavender harvesting is well underway although there is still plenty to pick for the timebeing. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog all about lavender harvesting in the coming weeks!

While the lavender is now not so spectacular, don’t forget that our lovely tearoom remains open for visiting, serving the usual delicious hot food, drinks and treats!

Check out the update and the pictures below to get a good view of how everything is looking as well as an important reminder about our sunflower growing competition!

How is the lavender looking?

↑ The whole field is well past its peak! ↑

↓ But there are still nice views to be seen! ↓

As you can see from these images, the peak of the lavender flowering season is now well behind us.

From a distance, the field is starting to look more grey than purple. When you get up close, you can still see the purple petals on the lavender heads but the visual spectacle has mostly faded away now.

In the pictures above, you can also see the areas that we have harvested. The rows that have the tops taken off have been harvested and their lavender heads are now drying in our barns for future use!

The harvesting process will be ongoing for the next few weeks, so the lavender isn’t all going to disappear at once. In fact, it’s a new and different thing to see on the field so come along on a nice day and you’ll see lavender farming in action!

How are the sunflowers looking?

It’s all greenery for now, still no yellow unfortunately.

We’re maintaining our prediction that, with the dry, hot weather we’ve had this summer, our display is going to be very depleted this year. There may be some in bloom at the beginning of September but it will not be a full field of flowers!

How are the wildflowers looking?

Completely faded, but it does make for some quite dramatic pictures!

This week’s news and views…

Remember our sunflower growing competition that we started way back at the end of May?

Many of you came and collected a sunflower growing kit from us and we’ve now started receiving some entries! Be sure to get in touch with us by the end of August with a picture of your sunflower and its recorded height to be in with a chance of winning!

We think you may be in with a good chance of beating us this year!

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