Glimpses of Autumn Gold

Capturing some seasonal colour at the farm

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Now that our field has closed, we’ve turned our attention towards tidying up around the farm and masterminding a plan of maintenance to implement over the winter. This has meant undertaking some less than glamorous jobs this week – cleaning mud encrusted parking matting and hosing down parking signs anyone?! Whilst these might not be top of our list of favourite activities, this unwelcome work has been offset by being able to stay outside and enjoy some stunning scenery.

We may have lost the vibrant shades of the summer months but a few sunny days recently have illuminated some final glimpses of amazing autumnal colour before we officially roll into winter. We thought that a little autumn gold couldn’t fail to lift most people’s day so we decided to share our latest snapshots with you here.

Adding to the autumnal glow around the farm have been the pops of colour from our pumpkins. Our tidying up has involved rounding up the last of our gorgeous gourds from our pumpkin patch so this colour will also soon disappear from the farm as well. We have to say in contrast to some of the other clearance jobs we’ve had on our list, the gathering up of pumpkins has been eminently more satisfying, as we’ve been able to support the fantastic efforts of some local food charities by donating our surplus supplies to them. We’re happy to report that we’ll be able to continue to contribute to the Ickleford Community Larder, Hitchin and Stevenage Food Rescue Hub and other projects for a few weeks to come yet.